Born 1983, Ankara, Turkey

She studied Environmental Engineering at Marmara University in Istanbul. During her undergraduate course she also began studying Botanical Illustration, attending courses by Christabel King and immediately after she graduated from university in 2006 she began working full time as a Botanical Artist.
She is involving with several projects also she is currently organizing botanical illustration courses in different countries like Spain, Chile, Turkey and Scotland.

  • She has been organizing and involving with botanical illustration courses since 2006:


      "The Point Where The Science and Art Meet: Botanical Illustration"

      In Nezahat Gökyiğit Botanic Garden (NGBB), several botanical art courses, led by Işık Güner, have been organized since 2008. Although the courses are designed for beginner level participants, to improve your skills and go deeper in watercolour technique, also you can find some master classes. The fascinating and beautiful venue also gives students the chance to relax and discover the garden and its plants.

      Have a look at the NGBB wesite..


      "One of the Flagship Botanical Illustration Courses: RBGE Diploma"

      She is curently working as a tutor with the Distance Diploma Course in Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh. This independent three year RBGE certified course hones many of the skills you need to capture plants in pencil, pen and paint. The main focus is on observational drawing, pen-and-ink work and painting skills, but by the end of the course students should actually develop expertise in a wide range of botanical illustration techniques.

      For more information visit RBGE website...


      "First Botanical Art Course in Anatolia: Kars"

      Between 2006 and 2009 she was involved with the Kars-Iğdır Biodiversity Project organizing several botanical art courses in Kars a town in area of eastern Turkey around which you can find an amazing plant variety of native plants. During the courses sixty different species have been painted by seventy students from all over Turkey and some of these paintings were used for a calendar and a soon to be published new book.


      "One of the Most Delicate of Mediums for the Artist: Explore Watercolour"

      She has led several weekend workshops since 2010, with the objective of capturing the dramatic beauty and vitality of seasonal flowers concentrating on basic form, texture and detail, as well as exploring light and colour to create vibrant realistic paintings using a variety of subjects.
      With a limit of small participants, these classes focus on your specific individual needs and are thus suitable for all levels of ability.

      Also she is teaching in several Master Classes in Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh.

      Other courses were organized and led by her in her home town of Ankara in 2008;

      "Introduction to the Botanical Illustration" when the participants were experienced by miniature teachers"Specialist Line Drawing Classes" in Hacettepe University.

      Click here to see her workshops...

  • She had several award-winning exhibitions:

      2014 ITU RSG, Istanbul – First solo exhibition
      2014 RHS, London – Awarded with a "Gold Medal" and "Best Painting of the Show" for Gunnera tinctoria
      2013 BISCOT, Edinburgh – Awarded with a "Gold Medal" and "Mary Mendum Medal" (may not be awarded every year)
      2011 BISCOT, Edinburgh – Awarded with a "Gold Medal" and "Mary Mendum Medal" (may not be awarded every year), also "Best Painting of the Show" for Araucaria araucana
      2010 RHS, London – Awarded with a "Gold Medal" and "Best Painting of the Show" for Araucaria araucana
      2009 BISCOT, Edinburgh – Awarded with a "Silver Medal"

  • Other publications include:

      2015, Curtis's Botanical Magazine, Volume 32, Part 2, June Discocalyx dissecta
      2013, Curtis's Botanical Magazine, Volume 30, Part 2, July Gundelia tournefortii
      2012, Thai Forest Bulletin, No.40, November, Sombrania albiflora
      2010, Royal Horticultural Society, Rhododendrons, Camellias and Magnolias, Current Taxonomy- A new species: Rhododendron trancongii (Ericaceae)
      2007, Willdenowia, new species of Ferulago (Apiaceae)
      2007, February The Magazine, Bagbahce
      2006, February The Magazine, Bagbahce
      2005, October The Magazine, Bagbahce
      Line drawings for the revision of Vaccinium (Ericaceae), Philippines
      Line drawings for the revision of Seseli L. (Umbellifereae), Turkey

      Her first book, for children was published jointly with other three authors in 2006 and titled 'Bitkileri Taniyalim'; to learn about plants. It is published by the NGBB.

  • She is working in several projects including:

      Illustrated Flora of Turkey
      The Beauty of Orchids
      Nepal Project - Artist to Kathmandu
      Transylvania Florilegium
      Plants from the Woods and Forests of Chile