Plant from the Woods and Forests of Chile

A beautiful book in the making

I am pleased to announce the publication 'Plants from the Woods and Forests of Chile'. This single volume of high quality botanical art depicts the rich diversity and beauty of Chile's unique forested areas where for the last 25 years the Royal Botanic Garden has engaged in research and conversation initiatives.

The book will include 81 unique commissioned watercolour paintings, 39 of them is illustrated by me. Please have a look at my Chilean Plants Gallery.

This will be a limited edition book. Check this BOOKLET to see the design and get your copy!


June, 2015

I am happy to say that, I was one of eight artists selected worldwide, to paint wild flowers growing in the meadows of Transylvania in June 2015. I travelled with highly skilled artist from all around the world including Japan, New Zeland, Ireland and England, to central Romania to prepare illustrations that may be selected for inclusion in Transylvania Florilegium. This project is presently being created under the umbrella of the Prince's School of Traditional Arts, a charitable organization of the Prince of Wales, to record in a permanent way the flora of Transylvania.

Each artist is aimed to paint three plants, recording as much as information in two weeks. I have selected Galium glaucum, Vincetoxicum hirundinaria and Circium pannonicum to prepare my illustrations. We were looked after well during this time and stayed in the properties of Prince Charles located in lovely Saxon villages.

蘭之魅 Lán Zhī Mèi - The Beauty of Orchids

January, 2015

For thousands of years orchids have been valued for their ornamental appeal. But many species have become a victim of their own beauty, and are now a serious conservation concern. In this project we aim to highlight the decline in many species in the wild, with a botanical art exhibition.

Through this project we aim to create greater awareness of the impact of buying wild orchids for their ornamental use. We do not wish to suggest that people should stop buying orchids. We present some possible solutions for orchids threatened by over-collection.

This project is a part of the Two Dragons Garden initiative which links researchers and students between botanic gardens in the UK and China.

If you would like to get more information, please check Two Dragons page..

Also, you may like to read my letter about this project!

Nepal Project - Artist to Kathmandu

March, 2015

Project Nepal is a programme of Botanical Art Workshops and plant research in the field in Nepal from which to create contemporary Botanical Art Works. It is part of a series of celebratory events taking place to mark the bicentenary of diplomatic relations between Britain and Nepal since the signing of the Treaty of Segauli in 1816. It also highlights the unique and even longer established connection between The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh and Nepalese botany.

This started when Dr. Francis Buchanan Hamilton, the ‘Father of Nepalese Botany’ who trained at RBGE, carried out the first botanical survey of the Kathmandu Valley between 1802 -1803 and continues to the present day in the form of the Flora of Nepal, a major research project between RBGE, The Society of Himalayan Botany at the University of Tokyo and The Nepal Academy of Science and Technology, Kathmandu which published the first volume (Flora of Nepal Vol.3) in 2012 (

So to be able to do the research in Nepal and create a contemporary collection of botanical artworks we still need to raise funds to support this project. Therefore we have produced a collection of original small artworks which you could buy in perfect time for Christmas! Check our INVITATION for the pop-up event!

If you like learn more about it, have a look at the PDF (Click) and see further information and how you might be part of this.