Born 1983, Ankara, Turkey. I originally graduated in Environmental Engineering, but instead of this I chose this entirely different path for my life and have been working full time as a botanical artist for over 10 years. I am very glad I made this decision, though as the child of a botanist father and growing up surrounded by wild nature made my decision easy.

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ITU RAG – My first solo exhibition

February 27th – March 27th, 2014

So far, I took part in several group exhibitions, but my first solo exhibition was hosted by ITU Rectorate Art Gallery. Actually, everything begins when Prof. Dr. Telem Gök Sadıkoğlu participated in one of my courses at NGBB, at 2013. All the artists who participating in that course, produce amazing illustrations, and their paintings was exhibited in several places and in the end at Istanbul Technical University, Rectorate Art Gallery. Then again Prof. Dr. Telem came with that idea to make another exhibition with my own paintings. So, here we are now! All preparations is done by ITU family. They were thinking every details to make an amazing exhibition. And yes, I was happy, proud and excited. 41 plates are in the exhibition and it will be open till 27th of March. Also, you may like to see the new products, like notebooks and cups, produced by ITU by using my three paintings. I have prepared three images, Tulip, Iris and Poppy for ITU Collection. You may like to buy some of these lovely products during the exhibition, and these products will create a source of income scholarships for students. For me, it was very excited every moment, hope you will enjoy too!!!


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