Born 1983, Ankara, Turkey. I originally graduated in Environmental Engineering, but instead of this I chose this entirely different path for my life and have been working full time as a botanical artist for over 10 years. I am very glad I made this decision, though as the child of a botanist father and growing up surrounded by wild nature made my decision easy.

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Coelogyne viscosa

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About the Painting

Watercolour on paper
46 x 66 cm (18″ x 26″)

© Işık Güner


Chinese name – 禾叶贝母兰 (hé yè bèi mǔ lán)

Ecology – Herbs, usually epiphytic on rocks or trees in forests; 750-2000m.

Distribution – S and SW Yunnan; NE India; Laos; Malaysia; Myanmar; Thailand and Vietnam.

Info – According to the China Species Red List, Coelogyne viscosa has been classified as endangered (EN) species. It’s the human economic activities that led to the habitat loss and fragment of C. viscosa. This species is rare so that we should maximize the impacts of human activities on C. viscosa.

贝母兰属附生草本植物。分布于印度东北部、缅甸、老挝、泰国、越南、马来西亚,在我国云南西南部有分布,产腾冲、瑞丽、双江、镇沉、西双版纳。附生于树上或岩石上,分布海拔高度为750-2000m。 在《中国物种红色名录》中,禾叶贝母兰已被列入濒危(EN)。在版纳地区,合适的石灰岩生境中常见到禾叶贝母兰。由于大规模的毁林开荒所引起的生境片段化是导致禾叶贝母兰濒危灭绝的主要原因。因此,要最大限度地减少人类活动对禾叶贝母兰种群数量的影响。


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