Born 1983, Ankara, Turkey. I originally graduated in Environmental Engineering, but instead of this I chose this entirely different path for my life and have been working full time as a botanical artist for over 10 years. I am very glad I made this decision, though as the child of a botanist father and growing up surrounded by wild nature made my decision easy.

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titan arum triptych

Amorphophallus Titanum or Titan Arum. Corpse Flower. Biggest inflorescent on earth. Another reason where it’s fame comes, it is one of the worst smelling plants in the world, as its name suggests. It is a plant native to Indonesia’s Sumatra Islands. And also it takes a part at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.

It is only flowering for 2 days and not so often. We have witnessed the opening of the Titan Arum in the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh in 2015 and have a chance to portray this splendid flower with my two valuable botanical artists friends, Jacqui Pestell and Sharon Tingey. If you are a good team player, results you got is getting pretty magnificent. A collaborative work on a single art piece is something valuable. That was truly fun and the good part of this project, every visitor of the garden is as excited and happy as we are. This first picture we made became the part of Shirley Sherwood’s collection.

In 2017, we decided to took our old sketches and paintings and made another 3 paintings. But this time, we showed the inflorescence stages; growing up, flowering and dying. We have set our studio in the Inverleith house, RBGE, and completed Titan Arum triptych in two intensive weeks. These paintings are about 3/4 of the real size of the plant. At the moment we have completed the final illustration, magic had happened, and it started blooming again in RBGE. We were very lucky to see and record this magnificent flower and it’s cycle. These three paintings we made are exhibited by Inverleith House for three months, started at 29th July, 2017.

While we were working on these paintings, special thanks to Laura and Serge from Wild Leaf Reels, this amazing videos and timelapses has been prepared. We love it, I hope you enjoy too.

3 brilliant botanical artists, 3 amazing paintings, and 1 giant plant!
Last summer botanical artists Jacqui Pestell, Sharon Tingey Natural Illustration and Işık Güner – Botanical Art and Such set themselves the challenge of capturing 3 stages of a titan arum’s brief flowering. Painted over 6 days in June at Inverleith House art gallery, this series of almost-life-size paintings tells the story of this striking and strange plant through the different phases of its flowering – from the flower bud opening to its collapse. In this short film our aim was to give an insight into the artists’ approach and capture the spirit of this collaborative work as the triptych took shape, and we watched these amazing paintings come to life.
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