The aim of the project is to illustrate ALL the species in Turkey...

The aim of the project is to illustrate ALL the species in Turkey.

Previously Flora of Turkey was written two times, one in Latin, the other one was in English. This time it will be written in Turkish and poses extremely important for the inclusion of the illustrations of ALL plants. This project is under the patronage of the Presidency of Turkish Republic.

I am working as an art editor of this project, where we are working with a great team of scientists and artists from all around Turkey. This team is always growing, and new artists and other scientists are willing to participate in this project. The creation of such an incredible work is revealed through effort and contribution that everyone’s heart.

Illustrated Flora of Turkey is a project implemented in cooperation with Flora Research Association, Nezahat Gökyiğit Botanic Garden (NGBB) and ANG Foundation.

Turkey, due to its geographical position, has an amazing variety of vegetation. According to the records, there are about 11,000 species and about 3,000 of them are endemic, is unique only to this land.

However, on average every 10 days a new plant species are discovered in Turkey.

For this reason, updating and rewriting the Flora of Turkey has become an important need. ‘Illustrated Flora of Turkey’ will be written in our native language, Turkish, aims to reach a wider audience.

With this Project, the knowledge about all the species in Turkey will be introduced to our people, and to ensure wise use of this knowledge for conservation and a sustainable development. Under the leadership of Turkish botanists, through the preparation of high scientific qualifications marked “Illustrated Flora of Turkey” is aimed;

  • To increase the awareness of the Turkish public about the importance and value of the plants which are the only guarantee for the continuity of life and biodiversity.
  • To promote a creation of ‘a national botanical garden and herbarium’ with providing scientific research and education and well-documented collections about Turkey’s rich vegetation
  • To contribute and support preserving of endemic, rare and endangered plants, and plant diversity, which is the main element of biodiversity.
  • To educate and train plant taxonomist who will follow contemporary developments in science, to be leader in such developments, and the establishment and structuring of our national botanical garden, which will make a very important mission to enlighten the public.
  • To educate and train botanical artists who will have future great contributions about the increase the awareness of the importance and the knowledge of the plants to enlighten public.

Creating this project means is to develop and gather a core of very important information and knowledge.

This project will consist of 28 volumes, and 2000 Watercolour plates and 9000 Line Drawings will be prepared.

The preparations of the 2. Volume is moving ahead rapidly, and is expected to be completed by the end of 2016. There are 35 scientists and 42 artists are involving to the preparations of 2. Volume.

Editors of the project are Prof. Dr. Adil Güner, Prof. Dr. Yusuf Menemen, Prof. Dr. Ali Kandemir, Doç. Dr. Hasan Yıldırım and Serdar Aslan. Art Editors of the project are Gülnur Ekşi and Işık Güner

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